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Let’s start a tradition to Honor Injured Warriors with a Special Memorial Day Gift.

As a nation we pause to honor our fallen heroes this Memorial Day Weekend and even as we honor their sacrifice remember the loved ones whom they left behind and are still hurting from the ultimate sacrifice in our prayers. I am calling upon all people of all faiths to remember when you gather to celebrate at the beaches and picnics, and street festivals or however you celebrate this holiday to remember those who gave all to keep this nation free.

If you have Loved ones serving in the military currently, hug them a little closer if they are with you or send a text, post on their wall, reach out however you can and say Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.

In honor of loved ones serving presently and in the past I on behalf of LF Hill Merchandising Services and myself am honoring our troops this Memorial Day by making a monthly donation to the wounded warrior project, and challenge my friends, co-workers and family that are able to do the same, or maybe just a onetime donation of any amount you can afford.

Let’s start a tradition to Honor Injured Warriors with a Special Memorial Day Gift.Remember this Memorial day that when the call came to defend your and my freedoms, that all gave some and some gave all! God Bless Our Troops and Thank You from the bottom of my heart!

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