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A Call to Prayer

In your lifetime, has prayer ever been so obviously needed for our country as it is today?

In calling for prayers for our leaders and our country, our prayer team and I have taken a firm non-partisan stand on praying for the people in office, not the politics. Yet, we do not shy away from issues that the Bible clearly addresses, and we will always encourage prayers to support those instructions that God has laid out through His Word.

Many of the issues we are facing today are not political or partisan, they are part of an effort to remove righteousness and morality from our country and replace them with ideologies that are against God. Our spiritual enemies are using every possible avenue to accomplish this and are misguiding politicians, corporations, educators, news agencies, false teachers, and even friends and family.

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Ephesians 6:12

Why does this appear to be escalating now? It has always been Satan’s goal to corrupt God’s creation and, now that the people of the world are so easily connected to each other, we can see many of the pieces much more clearly. The Bible references the end times, and despite not knowing the date and time, we are always approaching it, and the evil one will more desperately seek to complete his deception to blind and destroy as many people as possible. What is the answer? In Mark 9:29, Jesus told His disciples that spiritual enemies can only be dealt with by prayer. And with those words, He was also preparing us.

It is imperative for God’s people to earnestly pray. We should pray for the salvation of all those around us—our nation’s leaders, friends, neighbors, and family members—everyone who does not know Christ. We should pray for each other, that we are encouraged and diligent in our faith and prayer. And we should pray for our country, that God would direct the hands of those in power to make righteous and just decisions. Our prayer team is well-equipped with volunteers who are prepared and ready to reach out to our nation. One way we effectively touch millions is through our growing network of Prayer Warriors across America that head the call to prayer for Convention of States Leaders, events. Volunteers, and our national leaders and country. We look forward to a time when hundreds of thousands of Americans can join us and pause to take a moment to pray to our Heavenly Father. As we face a very busy second half of 2023 and as we prepare for another presidential election next year, our greatest need is for God’s people to join with us and pray. My parishioners have heard me as I have voiced concern over the spiritual battle being waged in our country. And, knowing prayer is God’s promise of greatest impact, we desire to call God’s people into a challenge to pray unceasingly. Will you Join us as we celebrate our Independence in a mutual endeavor to wage this battle by covering our nation in a protective blanket of prayer?

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