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Employee Login

In an effort to streamline payments to our Contractors and employees, LF Hill Merchandising Service now has a Clock IN and Out System.

This is now done through your VisitBasis App. Click the Timestamp and it will record the time. the GPS is enabled so you must be at the location you are assigned, to clock in and out. Do not submit the report until the end of the day because you will record the time you take for lunch and Sign out as well. In the event that you are at a location and the login is not on your app try these troubleshooting steps.

  • Check your Internet Connection.
  • Check your Calendar to be sure you are scheduled to work today. Check other days to see if you are there on the correct day (Only Reps who are scheduled will see the Time Clock and assignments to a given location  on a given day,) 
  • Try and resync your app (click on the semi-circle in the upper right-hand corner next to where it says Last Sync)
  • If you still can't sign in, call the Office at (423) 398-3460 Under no circumstances should you work a location without checking in or being told by the office they have you clocked in to be sure you are paid.
  • If you have any questions please contact us.

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